Sky One to show live simulcast of Lost finale

Lost - to be spoiler free
Lost - to be spoiler free

Sky One has revealed that it is to broadcast the finale of Lost in the UK at exactly the same time as it is shown in the US.

In a bid stop piracy and, more importantly, make sure nobody spoils* what happens through the medium of Twitter, Sky will show the last two episodes (title: The End) at 5am Monday 24 May.

The episodes will be both shown on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD and the same thing will be happening in six other countries outside of the US (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada).

Lost and found

This will come as great news to many who thought that they would have to endure five days trying to stay spoiler-free before the episodes were to be shown on the proposed date 28 May.

Lost is coming to an end after six seasons and is one of the most talked-about televisions shows ever, due to its labyrinthine plot and numerous mysteries.

Recently, the show topped a social media interactions chart, with Networked Insights noting that it has between 131.4 million and 126.5 million social media interactions (posts and reads) per month.

The penultimate episode of Lost is currently available for dodgy-download from over 140,000 seeders on BitTorrent alone – expect this to be significantly less for the next episode as a result of the simulcast.

*They're all dead, Dave.

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