Samsung swears at LG over 3D, may get sued

You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses?
You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses?

The rivalry between Samsung and LG is well documented, but now it seem it has gotten a bit dirty – with a Samsung rep in Korea apparently using a swear word to describe LG's claim that its passive 3D TVs are Full HD.

According to The Korean Herald, a senior Samsung executive "publicly insulted LG engineers using a profanity".

It is believed that Kim Hyun-suk, vice president of Samsung's digital media business, wasn't happy with LG saying its passive 3D TVs were Full HD and called the LG devs working on the technology "stupid sh*ts".

His outburst continued: "What a lame argument with no theoretical grounds. It's just unreasonable."

Business ethics

LG is obviously not happy with what was said but wants clarification from Samsung before it decides legal action.

"There are business ethics and practices to follow even if we are competing with each other over technological standards," said LG in a statement.

"It is very disappointing and unacceptable if an executive at a respected global company humiliated its rival company's employees at an official event hurling a curse."

We at TechRadar aren't one for swearing but it is amusing to see just how taut the tension is between LG and Samsung.

Anyone would think they were rivals.

Samsung has admitted that something out of order was said, with the hope that the whole thing doesn't go through the courts.

Not to start any flame wars but TechRadar's recent LG 47LW550T review was a glowing one, with the reviewer stating that it is a "convincing argument for passive 3D."

And there wasn't a cuss word in sight.

Via Korean Herald

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