Samsung schlepping hardware-boosting Smart TV Evolution Kit to CES

Samsung ES9000
Samsung continues to evolve its brand

Samsung is pushing hard this year to really make a statement at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, but the company's latest announcement shows it's not going to leave its current customers behind.

On Wednesday, Samsung revealed the Evolution Kit for its Smart TV line, including the 55-inch UE55ES000 and the 75-inch 75ES9000.

This new attachment allows consumers to merely hook the kit up to their existing Smart TV and upgrade the device to include all the trimmings included with the latest models.

Samsung promised the Evolution Kit would allow its loyal customers to enjoy the most current hardware and software without the need to purchase an entirely new television.

Television evolved

Though the look of the kit will stay under wraps until CES, Samsung did divulge a few details about what would be included.

The most up-to-date version of the Smart Hub software would be implemented, streamlining the user interface to five panels covering live TV, video on-demand, the internet and more.

Samsung's Smart Interaction voice and gesture controls will also see an upgrade, though it's not clear just what the difference between the versions will be just yet.

Perhaps most importantly, the Evolution Kit will bring improved hardware to the party, adding in more CPU, memory and GPU to allow faster processing and multitasking.

Price and release date details have yet to be discussed, but with CES less than a week away, that information should come to light soon enough.