Samsung's 105-inch curved TV arrives with 'world's biggest' badge

Samsung's 105-inch curved TV arrives with 'world's biggest' badge
Samsung goes round the bend

Samsung has revealed a new range of curve TVs at IFA 2014, expanding the company's shapely television range.

It was a year ago this week that Samsung announced that adding curves to a television was its latest innovation, so it makes sense that we get a whole new lineup in 2014.

The new range means Samsung now has 17 curved TVs in the market - coming in sizes from 48 to 105 inches.

The 105-inch version is the world's biggest curved TV on the market. And if that wasn't enough, Samsung also unveiled a bendable version which it called "the most amazing TV you have ever seen". Obviously Samsung has never seen the Hannspree Apple TV.

The 105-inch televisions offer up 1 million pixel (5120X2160) screen resolution, and deliver five times the resolution of Full HD and upscales any content to UHD resolution.

Ahead of the curve

As well as a whole new curved TV range, Samsung also showed off its new curved soundbar and re-iterated that it is the leader when it comes to all things curved. Considering it was the company that created this market, that's pretty a given though.

Samsung also announced new deals with 20th Century Fox to provide UHD content to its TVs, with the hope that a 500GB media server packed with movies and deals with Netflix will mean there will finally be a decent amount of UHD content to watch in the home.

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