Hannspree launches second-gen Apple TV

Looks more like a tomato than an apple, if you ask us
Looks more like a tomato than an apple, if you ask us

While every other TV manufacturer strives to make its sets as discreet-looking as possible, Hannspree has announced a new 28-inch model styled to look like an apple.

The Taiwanese brand has previous in this area, having released a CRT-based Apple TV back in 2007 - but this new LCD model dumps the chubbby bezel in favour of a slimmer, but still curvy, approach.

Described as having "technology to the core", the Hannsapple features a 1,920 x 1,200 resolution and claims a 10,000:1 contrast ratio courtesy of its in-built X-Contrast technology. Lurking within its red-and-white body are a pair of 10W stereo speakers.

To the core

Connections include Scart, component and a pair of HDMI inputs - meaning it can display Full HD sources - but the in-built digital tuner is standard-def Freeview only.

The Hannsapple slots into Hannspree's range of 'novelty' TVs, which also includes sets disguised as cuddly toys. Expains the company: "Hannspree has transformed the standard telly box into a unique and decorative centre piece."

Fruit fans can pick up the Hannsapple direct from Hannspree's online shop or from the company's flagship Westfield store in London. There's no sign yet of the 55in version unveiled at IFA in 2009, but it has gone on sale in America. So you'll have to go to the Big Apple to get one...