Samsung first company to mass-produce 3D TVs

Samsung 3D - best looked at through glasses
Samsung 3D - best looked at through glasses

Samsung has announced its 3D intentions this week, with the news it is the first company to mass produce 3D TVs for market.

The TVs will be LCD-based, with some using LED technology and the glasses used will be called 3D Active Glasses – not the greatest moniker ever but at least it is Ronseal-esque.

The panels will be using Samsung's 240Hz technology and will come in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch flavours.

From the 3D we have seen – and we have seen a lot – it may well be that the 55-inch panel becomes the most popular, as it is definitely the best sort of size to view 3D on.

As you would expect, the TVs will be Full HD and will happily play all your 2D content to the best of their abilities.

Samsung 3d

The reason Samsung is using active-shutter technology rather than the cheaper polarising 3D is because it delivers 'a more lifelike picture'.

In its release Samsung pooh-poohs polarised 3D because it "separates images for the left and right eyes, resulting in half the resolution of two-dimensional pictures as only half of the screen can be viewed through each polarised filter. Brightness was also lowered because of the polarised filter."

So there you go.

No actual model names have been given out, but we're expecting the TVs to be the same as the ones announced at CES 2010. This includes the best TV we saw at the show – the brilliant UNC9000 series.

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