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Quickflix bundles post and streaming services in pricing revamp

The Quickflix app for Windows 8
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Australian entertainment service Quickflix is combining the old with the new, introducing a single pricing scheme that offers customers movies both by post and by streaming over the web.

There is only 3 pricing plans in the new model: $14.99, $24.99 and $34.99. Each plan gives unlimited access to movies and TV shows either on disc, delivered in the mail, or via the Quickflix streaming service.

The tiered pricing indicates how many discs you can have delivered at one time -- between 1 and 3 discs depending on how much you pay.

In total, this gives Quickflix customers access to a collection of 55,000 movies and TV shows, with the vast majority of these titles being on physical media.

This price does not include Pay Per View rental titles, which cost about $5.99 per title. HBO's popular sword and sandal drama Game of Thrones will soon be part of the pay-per-view catalogue.

Digital pioneer

Quickflix is still enjoying a period in the Australian entertainment landscape where it is the one of the only company offering a subscription-based streaming. Competitors like iTunes and BigPond movies offer an on-demand rental service, but not an all-you-can-eat style back catalogue.

Fetch TV is the only other service with a subscription payment model, but is different in that it offers a collection of 30 on-demand titles which rotate out seven old for new movies each week.

It is also unique for not being available directly to the public, but by selling its service through a dedicated set-top box via internet service providers, like Optus and iiNet.