Netflix wants to recommend your next smart TV

Netflix gets into the TV biz

Netflix has cropped up at a few CES 2015 press conferences, touting HDR and various partnerships.

But it's also got a little something of its own to promote, the Netflix Recommended TV program.

Netflix described the initiative as an independent smart TV evaluation program aimed at helping consumers choose TVs "built for a superior internet TV experience."

The firm is looking for TVs with top-notch performance, easy menu navigation and new features that improve, not detract, from the smart TV experience. Screens that meet these standards will bear a Netflix Recommended TV logo.

First wave

While having a seamless Netflix experience seems to be the house of House of Cards' primary concern, it will bestow the Recommended TV logo to smart TVs that also meet other criteria, such as fast turn-on times, speedy app launches and fast video playback.

Additional criteria details are expected in the spring.

Netflix counts Sony, LG, Sharp, Vizio and Roku TV makers as early participants in the program.

Though it will start in the US, Netflix said global TV manufacturers will adopt the program's features, too.

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