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Looks like Vudu made a streaming stick, and it's a Walmart exclusive

Vudu Spark Walmart
Walmart's Vudu Spark: really, really awesome if you only like Vudu

Only Walmart would have the balls - or the stupidity - to launch a streaming dongle that only supports a single service.

Welcome to the Vudu Spark, a streaming stick that only runs Vudu, according to an FCC filing.

Vudu is owned by Walmart, so it makes a perverse sort of non-sense the device would be dedicated to only that app.

You know, in Bizarro World.

Good idea/bad idea

The Spark will likely arrive in time for the holidays, though Walmart and Vudu haven't made any announcements yet.

Even so, there's no doubt as to its functionality, because the FCC leaked the Spark's user manual as well. It appears to have been taken down since.

The manual describes the set-up process, wherein you connect the Spark to Wi-Fi and it boots straight into the Vudu app. And there's no mention of any other functions.

Meanwhile the Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick and Fire TV Stick definitely still exist, making the Vudu Spark objectively the worst option among many streaming dongle competitors, unless Walmart is literally giving it away for free. Who knows?

Via GigaOM