In the cold cold ground: IceTV goes under

IceTV Skippa

It looks like it's all over for IceTV after a message was posted on the company's online forum last night with the heading "thanks and farewell".

Last week IceTV entered voluntary administration, but the company maintained at least the outward appearance of optimism that there was some hope it would be able to turn things around.

That hope is now gone, with the post from "Dave from IceTV" explaining that "a number of vital employees declined to take up the offer of working for the new version of IceTV so it's all over."

Cold shoulder

While the company claimed last week that it "intends to continue trading in the normal course for a short period of time whilst an urgent sale of business campaign is conducted." That urgent sale of business campaign appears to have failed.

In a last-ditch attempt to turn the company around, company director Colin O'Brien and temporary controllers TPV Insolvency polled existing subscribers on their willingness to pay $8 per month for the EPG service – in the past a subscription would cost around $50 annually – but not enough of them were willing to sign on.

This latest development also means that the hundreds of customers who pre-ordered and yet still haven't received their IceTV Skippa DVR can safely say it's never going to arrive.