CES 2007: Samsung's HP-TS064 plasma TV

The HP-TS064 is Samsung's first foray into media TVs

Samsung is to release the HP-TS064 in the US - a plasma TV with a built-in hard drive and a Wi-Fi receiver.

The TV will be capable of receiving footage streamed from a home PC. Since the HP-TS064 is capable of the highest resolution of HD, 1080p, it should receive high-definition footage too. How effectively, of course, depends on the speed of the wireless receiver.

The HP-TS064 will also support other digital video recording functions, such as the recording and pausing of live TV.

This may be Samsung's first foray into media TVs, but Korean rival LG is already well established in this regard in the Far East. And all LG's HD TVs released in the UK in 2007 will come fitted with hard drives.

The Samsung HP-TS064 is due to be released at the CES 2007 technology show in Las Vegas in January; the price has yet to be confirmed. Richard Preston

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