Overnight news roundup: 17-18 October

Apple surges -- grabs 8.1 percent of computer market

It's Thursday! And with that in mind, there was quite a bit of news that hit the wire Wednesday when you were snoozing. So if you don't mind reading about the stories you missed, keep going -- Wednesday's news was big.

Gartner -- a research firm best known for its evaluation of computer market share -- has dropped a bombshell on those of us who have been quite surprised by Apple's jump in market share. According to the firm, Apple's computing market share has risen to 8.1 percent in the third quarter, which puts it just behind Dell and HP for the industry lead.

At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, California, Nokia launched its N810 Internet Tablet. The N810 is the long-rumored update to the popular Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. According to the company, the N810 will feature a slide-out keyboard, and sport a much more pleasing design than its predecessor.

TiVo upgrades on the way

Although the company has been promising software upgrades for quite some time now, it looks like TiVo will finally fulfill that promise with a series of software upgrades that will make your viewing experience just a bit better. One of the best new additions is the ability to connect an external hard drive for added storage capability.

Remember the Palm Centro that was first announced at Digital Life a few weeks back? Well, it looks like the $99 smartphone will be compatible with SlingPlayer. In other words, you'll be able to stream live TV straight from your television to your Centro. Not bad, huh?

BitTorrent -- the downloading service being used by practically everyone nowadays -- has named a new CEO. The new Chief Executive Officer, Doug Walker, has been brought aboard to replace Bram Cohen, who has stepped aside to become the company's Chief Scientist.

Google OS, the widely rumored and sought after mobile operating system, will be making its way to HTC handsets. According to Fortune Magazine, HTC will be shipping 50,000 mobile phones with the Google OS pre-installed, but the phones won't go on sale until next year.

Apple fires 800 employees

In a move that would discourage any employee from playing games, Apple has fired 800 employees who used the iPhone rebate program to their advantage. According to the company, employees were informed that they should not take advantage of the iPhone rebate program because they were given free iPhones.

If you've been waiting for a central location to store all of your family photos, you may be in luck. Sony has officially launched its HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album, which sports HDMI ports and an 80GB hard drive. Not bad for $400, eh?