Loewe gets personal with new HD TV range

Loewe launches new flagship TV range
TV with personality

Just as we were wondering where Loewe had disappeared to, it's returned with an aggressive new line of HD TVs.

Named Reference ID – a bit of an odd title, we agree – the television boasts 400Hz picture quality and high-quality contrast filter. It also comes in three sizes: 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch, all of which offer Dolby Digital sound.

As for design, the Reference ID comes in an aluminium frame with chrome finish and a black rear panel, but Loewe is also offering a bunch of customisation options, including an option for monochrome LED backlighting.

The Loewe down

According to Loewe, the Reference ID will launch in three phases. July will see the initial launch, while more frame colours and designs will arrive in the third quarter of 2013, and finally the "bespoke Tailoring" concept will launch in the fourth quarter of the year.

Loewe Reference ID

On to the pricing - this is the part where you might want to look away. The 40-inch set will be priced at £4,500 (around US$7,000 / AUS$6,800), the 46-inch at £5,500 (around US$8,550 / AUS$8,300) and the 55-inch at £6,500 (around US$10,100 / AUS$9,820). Certainly not cheap.

Loewe also used the TV launch to announce its battery-powered Speaker 2go, which will come NFC and Bluetooth equipped and accommodates two full-range speakers, woofer and bass reflex tube.

The Speaker 2go will be available from June for £269 (around $420/AUS400)

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