Japan's first 3D TV drama out soon

Japan's first 3D TV series is set to run from January 2011, a new year treat for those early adopters that have bought new 3D tellies for themselves over the holidays.

Japan's first 3D drama series hopes to capitalise on healthy launch sales of new 3D TV technology through the country.

Japan to get first 3d tv drama courtesy of sony and fuji in january 2011

Japan to get first 3D TV drama courtesy of Sony and Fuji in January 2011

The 3D drama series will be broadcast as part of Fuji Television Network's new 3D TV coverage and is set to star well-known Japanese actress Ayako Kawaharan.

Tokyo Control

The drama is a 10-episode airport-based story called 'Tokyo Control' and will also be made available in good, old-fashioned 2D for those Japanese viewers that have not yet made the leap to 3D TV.

"3D will give us a more vigorous and realistic impact. I think (viewers) can feel like they are actually in there." said Ayako Kawahara.

The drama is part of a partnership between 3D TV manufacturer Sonyand Fuji Television, Japan's largest network.

Fuji will also be running a new regular 3D TV slot on Sundays as of January 2011, with the focus on sports, music and documentaries.

Sky recently launched its 3D TV service in the UK, clearly hoping that 2011 is going to be the year for 3D in the home.

Via The Telegraph

Adam Hartley