Comcast has launched its super-limited 4K streaming app

Samsung Comcast Xfinity UHD
Comcast's Xfinity in UHD arrives

It was promised all the way back in January, and now Comcast has finally delivered its own 4K streaming app, Comcast Xfinity in UHD.

Unfortunately it's only available on 2014 Samsung Ultra HD TVs - just as was promised during CES 2014.

The Xfinity in UHD app is available starting today with shows like Chicago Fire, Suits and Covert Affairs. Parks and Recreation will be available in February, Comcast said in a news release, with more sure to follow after that.

Now that 4K TVs are becoming more and more common, hopefully CES 2015 will host some announcements that 4K content is rolling out to more than just Samsung screens.

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