Hands on: Panasonic 104 inch glassless 3D television review

Hands on: Panasonic 104 inch glassless 3D television
Panasonic's efforts are impressive, but perhaps not quite there yet

One of the things being shown off by Panasonic at its massive IFA stand in Berlin was its 103-inch glassless 3D television, bringing a bit of depth but without those troublesome specs.

Glasses-free 3D has long been the holy grail of the technology, but although many are producing decent attempts – including this one from Panasonic – nobody as nailed it.

The 103 inch Panasonic PDP 3D TV is certainly an impressive spectacle (BOOM), and you can see the potential for the technology.

Panasonic's massive 104 inch glassless 3D TV

But the implementation remains a long way from being something you would choose to watch your favourite television shows on.

In fact, although some of the 3D on display was really quite impressive, it was very difficult to find a spot where part of the screen wasn't showing a doubling up of the picture.

With your brain telling you that you are stood in the wrong place, the chances are that you will find yourself shuffling from side to side trying to find a sweet spot that, despite our own efforts, we couldn't actually find.

At times it feels more reminiscent of the holographic stickers that provide a depth trick by moving when you move your head.

Panasonic's 3D glassless TV

It's a shame, but the technology remains a nice gimmick – and will probably be utilised to good effect in professional displays at, say, a museum.

The animated 3D dinosaur we were shown will no doubt be considered cool by the kids, but it's not something that feels ready for the average home just yet.

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