Google is treating new Chromecast buyers to a bunch of free stuff

Google Chromecast

Google has launched another Chromecast promo that the company no doubt hopes will drive customers to its inexpensive streaming dongle - and away from Apple TV.

Anyone who buys a new Chromecast between now and April 19 get what's being described as $80 worth of free stuff.

This includes a three-month subscription to Google Play Music, a month of Qello Concerts, three months of DramaFever, another three of Sesame Street GO, and one movie rental from Google Play Movies.

Luring you in

As Engadget speculates, Google might be hoping to boost its user base to help in securing partnerships with content providers, like what Apple did with HBO.

Perhaps similarly, Apple slashed Apple TV's price recently. It would be hard to go down from Chromecast's already low cost, though, so these offers may be Google's equivalent.

There's nothing here to suggest that this is the case, but it's entirely possible that Google has some big content-related announcement(s) in store for Google IO 2015, and this could be their way of luring in some extra users before then.