EzyFlix.tv is the first Aussie movie streaming service to the Chromecast party

Chromecast EzyFlix.tv on Android
Casting your EzyFlix.tv lockers through Android

EzyFlix.tv is boasting to be the first Australian video-on-demand and video-to-buy streaming service to land on Chromecast, with the added benefit of having Disney Digital Copy and UltraViolet lockers.

When Chromecast launched in Australia, services like Foxtel Presto, Quickflix and ABC iView were all confirmed to have compatibility eventually, and Foxtel was the only one to announce that Presto will be available from July.

With its announcement today, however, EzyFlix.tv said: "The fast-growing video-on-demand and download-to-own provider has trumped Telstra, Foxtel and Quickflix in integrating its service with Chromecast."

EzyFlix.tv on Chromecast will be available on PC and Mac, and you can also download the EzyFlix.tv app from the iTunes Store and Google Play for iOS and Android starting from this afternoon.

The app is compatible for iOS 6.0+ on iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as with Wi-Fi-enabled Android 2.3+ smartphones and tablets.

Chromecast fan

Though there had been speculations for a few months of a possible Australian launch of the Chromecast, Craig White, CEO and co-founder of Access Digital Entertainment, the company behind EzyFlix.tv, said that it would still likely have been a surprise for most.

"Its launch was a surprise to everybody, probably other than the two retailers who are selling the device."

However, White said he had been looking at the Chromecast for a while.

"I've personally been a big fan of the Chromecast since I was able to buy one and try one over in the United States, and I've made it a goal for quite some time. We were more held up by the device actually launching in Australia."

"It's fair to say we've been gearing up for a good number of months before now - but needed to step our efforts up once it became available to Australian retailers."

The Coup

White believes that because EzyFlix.tv isn't locked down to an OS ecosystem, allowing you to purchase as well as rent TV shows and films on a number of devices, having it available on a device like Chromecast is a big advantage and win for customers.

"EzyFlix.tv is the only service in Australia where you can buy or rent, and in the case of buying, having downloaded, being able to play back offline on both Apple and Android devices, which is a huge coup for us. "

"It's a huge differentiater versus any other service - certainly in the Australian market."

White believes that the inclusion of the UltraViolet and Disney Digital Copy lockers as part of EzyFlix.tv service is a another benefit whether you buy online or a physical copy.

Beyond Chromecast

EzyFlix.tv is looking to the future with getting the service available on as many devices that will allow users to watch their movies or TV shows on their TV.

Xbox users are next in line, however, with White revealing, "Certainly before Christmas, we'll be live on Xbox One."

White however said that getting EzyFlix.tv onto Apple TV is a little harder, and the company is currently negotiating with Sony for a presence on PlayStation consoles.