EE TV box hits the UK today promising 'groundbreaking' Freeview services

The EE TV service is exclusively available to EE customers

The new EE TV set-top box hits stores today, free to all new and existing EE mobile customers who also subscribe to a minimum £9.95 home broadband plan.

In case you didn't hear, telecoms companies have worked out that the big bucks is hidden in bundled packages, especially those that combine phone, broadband and TV.

EE is the latest big name to offer such a proposition, following Sky, BT and Virgin among others.

The EE TV box is essentially a smart Freeview box with some interesting catch-up TV and second screen features. In order to qualify for a free one, EE customers should know you'll also have to stump up for a monthly £15.75 line rental fee, and that the £9.95 broadband plan is only for a maximum 17Mbps service.

For 38Mbps fibre broadband it's £19.95 and for 76Mbps you'll be paying £29.95, though availability on those plans will depend on where you live.


You can control the box with your phone or tablet

Free data boost

If you are already an EE customer, signing up for EE TV and home broadband will qualify you for a 10GB or 20GB boost in your 4G data allowance, depending on your plan. And that data boost is compatible with shared plans so you'll be able to split it with your friends and family if you're the generous sort.

EE says the TV box is worth £300 new (whatevs, EE) and will allow you to pause and rewind live Freeview as well as stream channels to second screens such as your tablet if someone's already called bagsies on the telly.

You can read more about the EE TV features over here, and rest assured we'll bring you a full and exciting review of the service in the next couple of weeks.

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