Aereo TV goes live in NYC, despite legal challenges

Aereo TV goes live in NYC, despite legal challenges
Aereo aims to librate network TV

The Aereo TV experiment has begun in New York City, allowing users to stream live broadcast TV to connected devices running Apple's Safari browser and the Roku set-top box.

Aereo, which stores one tiny antenna per user and streams channels like NBC, Fox, ABC and CBS directly over the cloud, was announced exactly a month ago.

The $12 a month service has, somewhat predictably, been hit with challenges from TV networks questioning the legality of the project, but has still launched on schedule.

Also bundled in with an Aereo TV subscription is 40GB of remote DVR storage, a fully-functioning EPG and the ability to discuss shows in real-time on Twitter and Facebook.

Breaking the chain

Aereo TV, which requires no additional equipment, aims to liberate TV from the 'closed-circle' enforced by the cable companies, bringing access to network TV and local channels without the need to pay $100-a-month for a cable subscription.

Founder and CEO Chet Kanojia says: "Technology is changing rapidly and consumers have embraced innovation that simplifies access to entertainment.

"People no longer want to be tethered to their TVs or cable boxes.

"Consumers are demanding more flexibility and value; Aereo delivers just that. This truly groundbreaking technology will usher in a new era of choice in the broadcast marketplace, making the consumers the ultimate winners."

New Yorkers can register for the service now at and enjoy a 90-day free trial. Android support is coming soon.

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