8 awesome alternative ways to watch the Premier League

Watching through the BT Sport app on your TV through Apple TV and Airplay

Apple TV - giving you another BT-fuelled option

So in a veritable daisy chain of gadgets, if you have the BT Sport App and a subscription then you can actually stream from your Airplay device to your television via the Apple TV.

That means that you can take your device (say an iPad) round to your mates house and stream to his television via Airplay and an Apple TV. Interesting, but don't necessarily expect the quality to be wonderful because there's no HD app option.

Alternatives to the alternative:

You could use the diminutive Now TV box to port your day sports subscription to your friend's house, but Sky Go is not airplay enabled.

Watching Sky Go on your iPhone

Sky Go - streaming your subscription

Sky Go - streaming your subscription

Another fine out and about option is the streaming Sky Go service, which allows you to watch the football live on your device over WiFi, 4G or 3G.

You can't airplay it to your Apple device or have an HD option, but it does give you access to the live play on your iPhone without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

Alternatives to the alternative

The Sky Go app is on iOS, some Android devices and computers, you can also check out the BT Sport app or the Sky Sports App on iPad for an enhanced service.

Watching in 3D in a pub

Of course you'll have to track down a pub that still shows Sky 3D first...

Of course you'll have to track down a pub that still shows Sky 3D first...

Yeah, we're with you - 3D isn't top of our list when it comes to how we'll watch football - but it's still a fun alternative experience that you should check out.

And what better place than a pub showing Sky 3D? That way you can measure your drunkenness by periodically taking off your 3D specs and seeing if the screen looks blurry. If it doesn't, you're in trouble.

Alternatives to the alternative:

You can watch 3D at home if you have Sky 3D, specs and a 3D TV, or you could choose to watch it in two dimensions in HD which, we reckon, is still the best experience outside of being at the ground

Bonus: Streaming Five Live through iPlayer Radio

For when TV is not an option

For when TV is not an option

It's not watching, but for times when actually viewing the game is not appropriate (funerals, christenings, your own wedding) there are radio options.

You could use the iPlayer Radio app to listen to Five Live and make sure you don't miss a moment. Just don't forget to say, "I do".

Alternatives to the alternative:

Absolute Radio also offer football commentary, whilst you can also check out the Soccer Saturday Audio through the Sky Sports Football Scorecentre if you need a burst of Jeff Stelling.

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