8 awesome alternative ways to watch the Premier League

Watching BT Sport on a BT TV YouView box

BT Sport on a BT TV YouView Box

BT's big investment in football means that it has 38 matches this year, and it will be hoping that it gives plenty of people a reason to buy into its YouView service.

The BT Sport channel is available on BT TV - so not all YouView boxes. If you have BT Infinity broadband and a BT TV package then you won't have to pay any extra, unless you want HD in which case it's another £3 a month.

Alternatives to the alternative:

You can access the online player or app if you have a BT broadband or Infinity package, if you have a Sky box but BT Infinity you can add it for nothing (but sign up for another 12 months of broadband) or you can add it for £12 to your Sky plus a £15 one-off fee and a minimum one month contract. Got that? Phew.

Watching through the Sky Sports iPad app

Sky Sports on iPad - a second-screen option too

If you subscribe to Sky's sport package and fancy an alternative way to watch the football, you could try out the hugely improved Sky Sports app.

It lets you watch a stream of the football (powered by Sky Go) which is great, but the real trick is the huge amount of other information it will allow you to access. If you're ensconced on your sofa in front of the TV it's worth checking out the app as a second screen information source.

Alternatives to the alternative:

Sky Sports subscribers can access the football through their TVs (duh), the Sky Go app on iOS, some Android devices and computers. The Sky Sports TV app is available on iPhone or iPod touch for a fiver a month.

Streaming MOTD live through iPlayer on your laptop

BBC iPlayer for Match of the Day

BBC iPlayer for Match of the Day

Rights restrictions mean that you won't be able to watch Match of the Day on catchup, but if you happen to have a laptop and a decent connection you could always stream the famous old highlights programme and catch up with Alan, Gary and, not very often, Mark Lawrenson.

Alternatives to the alternative:

iPlayer is available on many Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices and through the website. Another highlight option is Football First on Sky.

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