3D on demand arriving on BT Vision

BT Vision - adding a new dimension to its service
BT Vision - adding a dimension to its service

BT has announced that it is finally jumping aboard the 3D bandwagon - with the company signing deals with NBC Universal and Vertigo that will bring 3D content to its BT Vision IPTV service.

With Sky offering Europe's first 3D channel, and Virgin Media offering a small amount of 3D content on demand, BT Vision has finally managed to get in on the latest tech trend.

A 12-month deal with NBC Universal Television Distribution means that it can show all 3D movie titles on its On Demand service, including the forthcoming Street Dance 3D and the excellent Despicable Me.


A separate deal with Vertigo means that BT Vision will be strutting its stuff in 3D by showing British movie StreetDance.

Obviously, viewers will need a 3D television to be able to take advantage of the 3D content.

Marc Watson, chief executive of BT Vision, said: "We already have an extensive catalogue of more than 500 movies in the UK courtesy of our long-term deals with major Hollywood studios and independents like Vertigo.

"Now Vision viewers can experience films at home in fantastic 3D, thanks to these new deals. This is just the start of 3D on Vision - viewers can expect to hear much more from us in the coming months."

Both Step UP 3D and StreetDance 3D will cost £5.99 - a pound more than the HD versions and a couple of quid more than standard def versions.

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