Wi-Fi-only HTC Flyer price unearthed

The 3G-less HTC Flyer could prove to be a bargain
The 3G-less HTC Flyer could prove to be a bargain

A German retailer has revealed the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi only price as £423 (€499), having opened pre-orders for the 3G-less tablet model.

Unfortunately, there's no release date listed on the page, although HTC has confirmed that the Wi-Fi only model will launch hot on the heels of the HTC Flyer 3G.

At Mobile World Congress, Phil Blair, HTC's European Product Director, told us, ""We're going to launch a Wi-Fi variant of the HTC Flyer in the future, which should be offered at a more accessible price point.

"It won't ship at the same time [as the 3G Flyer] but it will launch soon afterwards, although we don't have an exact date."

Full fat Flyer

There's no official release date for the HTC Flyer 3G at present either, but it has also hit pre-order in Germany on the country's Amazon.de site where it's listed for €669 (around £563).

We don't think £560 is too bad a price tag for the 3G Flyer, but the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi only sneaks in under the all-important £500 mark, which makes it seem a lot more affordable for some.

With no 3G connection, you'll have to rely on WiFi or Bluetooth tethering to connect to the internet, but you won't be saddled with yet another monthly data fee.

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