Getac launches 'sunlight readable' laptop

The Getac transforms from laptop to tablet PC
The Getac transforms from laptop to tablet PC

In an ideal situation, when the sun shines – and we believe it did do that one day back in July – and you've got work to do, you would work outside on your laptop and catch some rays.

Unfortunately, sun and computer screens go together like oil and water. Getac hopes to change this with its new V100 ultra-light hybrid Notebook/Tablet PC.

Using the most advanced Sunlight Readable Technology currently available, the V100 is said to be ideal for outdoor use, as it blocks reflected light, with no extra strain on your lappie's battery.

As it's primed for the great outdoors, the V100 has been made with rugged outdoor casing that makes it laugh in the face of heavy rain, dust and debris. Coated in anti-vibration rubber, if you were to drop the laptop, then the hard drive should live to tell the tale.

Rugged features

Underneath its Terminator-like shell, the V100 houses an IntelCore 2 Duo 1.2GHz processor, up to 2GB of DRAM, and (up to) a 250GB shock-mounted removable hard drive.

You also get the added connectivity of integrated Bluetooth, a reversible waterproof camera and optional GPS and 3G. This is all topped off with a 12in LCD screen.

And if that wasn't enough, the laptop also changes into a tablet PC and will withstand the Great British weather, working in temperatures as low as -20˚C.

Expect to pay around £2,500 for the V100, which is out now.

Marc Chacksfield

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