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Acer's Eee rival photographed?

Aspire One?
Aspire One?

Rumours and a picture have surfaced at what is believed to be Acer’s attempts to get involved in the burgeoning sub-notebook industry.

With rival Asus’ Eee carving a whole new niche in the market – many of the major manufacturers are looking to jump aboard the low-cost, small-screened market and it, with Dell, Samsung, HP and MSI all realising or planning rivals.

Atom powered

Acer will almost certainly be joining them, and the latest rumours on UMPC Portal are that the ‘Acer Aspire One’ will be offering a 8.9 inch screen, Intel’s new 1.6 GHz Atom processor and Windows XP.

The screen size would suggest a 1024x600 resolution, a major factor in enjoyable web surfing, and the device could be manufactured by Quanta.

Pricing is still a mystery, although Digitimes has suggested it could be a very competitive €299 (£235).

We’re contacting Acer UK for some information, but there’s been no official word.