Surface Book 3 update finally makes Microsoft’s laptop a better buy

(Image credit: Future)

Microsoft’s Surface Book 3 has just received a big old firmware update which fixes a ton of problems, some of them being thornier issues that were really bugging owners – making the expensive hybrid a more tempting purchase for those who’ve been watching from the fence.

The firmware update released on September 4 and now rolling out – for those running the May 2019 Update or better – fixes a range of issues around power consumption in sleep mode and unexpected shutdowns, as well as improving GPU stability (and the amount of power consumed by the GPU as well).

The latter point will doubtless improve battery life, and speaking of which, when the battery is running down, Microsoft observes that it has resolved stability issues that were happening during low battery scenarios.

On top of this, you can expect better audio reliability all-round, which includes a fix for the internal speakers having a low volume output.

Wi-Fi woes banished

Microsoft is further promising improved Wi-Fi performance after your device has returned from sleep, and a resolution for problems with slow Wi-Fi speeds which have seemingly been bugging Surface Book 3 owners.

There are bunch of fixes for the Surface Dock 2, as well, and the stability of pen and touchscreen interaction has been enhanced, with pen inking improved for cases in which the user’s palm is coming into contact with the screen.

The Surface Book 3 has some other minor fixes besides these, so all in all, this is quite a package of improvements (see here for the full list from Microsoft). Existing owners who’ve been having issues with their hybrid will likely find there’s a more than decent chance that the cure has been provided here.

Via Windows Central

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