Steam Link finally brings the best PC games to Macs and MacBooks

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The official Steam Link client is at long last available for Mac users through the Mac App Store, after it released on the iPhone App Store in 2019, allowing you to stream pretty much any Steam game in your library from another device to your Mac.

Steam Link will only let you play games you own, like GeForce Now. Unlike that service, though, Steam Link will only let you stream games from devices on the same Wi-Fi network — so you're just mirroring your PC that’s running nearby, rather than streaming from the cloud.

It may not be as useful as using Steam Link on your TV or phone, but if you’ve ever wanted to pull off high-power gaming on your MacBook Air, you finally can — you’ll just need to add a few extra steps.

To set up Steam Link on Mac you’ll need a Steam account, a controller, and a Mac running macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later. You’ll also need a separate computer running Steam on the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac — a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection is recommended. Then it’s just a matter of connecting it all. 

  • Download Steam Link from the Mac App Store for free 
  • Pair a compatible controller to the app
  • Scan for PCs running Steam with the app
  • Select your computer
  • Enter the 4-digit code on your Steam Link into the prompt on your PC
  • Press ‘Start Playing’, and you’re all ready to game

The process shouldn’t be too hard, and the onscreen instructions will guide you along the way too. 

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