Spotify is offering a three-month free trial to lure you away from Apple Music

Spotify and Apple Music
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You can now try Spotify Premium free for three months rather than one, giving you longer to sample the service and decide if it's right for you.

The new 90-day trial isn't a limited-time offer – according to Spotify, it's here to stay. "Beginning August 22, eligible users will receive the first three months on us for free when they sign up for any Spotify Premium plan," the company said. 

"You’ll unlock a world of on-demand access to millions of hours of audio content – no matter when you sign up, winter, spring, summer, or fall."

The new trial is available now for individual and student plans, and Engadget reports that subscription prices will remain the same once the free period ends: $9.99/£9.99/AU$11.99. Duo and Family plans will get the trial period soon.

Free for all

It's no coincidence that Spotify's 90-day premium trial matches that offered by Apple Music, as it looks to lure listeners away from its main rival.

Competition between music streaming services has really heated up in recent months, with Apple commissioning exclusive podcasts to make its aural offering more appealing, Spotify signing a deal with EE that means music streaming doesn't count towards subscribers' data usage, and Amazon making Amazon Music playlists playable on Echo speakers free of charge.

This rivalry is great news for consumers, and it's well worth keeping an eye on what each of the providers is offering to make sure your subscription is still the best one for you.

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