Speedo On could give your wearable a swim-tracking upgrade

Speedo has just launched a new service to help you track and improve your swims. Called Speedo On, it’s accessible from the web and mobile devices, but you can even sync your data directly from certain wearables.

Speedo On is compatible with swim-enabled Garmin and Misfit devices, such as the Misfit Shine 2 or Garmin Swim, so any swims you do while wearing them can automatically be sent to the service.

But Speedo claims that more devices will be made compatible over time and even if yours isn’t you can still manually add data to the Speedo On service.

However you get your data to the service, it sounds like it could be worth using, as Speedo On not only tracks your stats, such as lengths, stroke type and pace, calories burnt and SWOLF (a swim-specific metric), it also provides personalized tips and advice.

It even has a community aspect that lets you follow other users and share your progress.

Swim free

Speedo On is globally available now and the basic service is free, but there’s also a premium option for £5.99 (around $7.75/AU$10.20) per month or £39.99 (roughly $51.70/AU$68) per year, which unlocks deeper analysis, training plans and challenges.

And if you don’t already have a compatible wearable you might soon be able to get a great discount on one, as Amazon Prime Day is coming up, and even Black Friday isn’t too far away.

James Rogerson

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