Sony to focus on wireless audio products in 2018, launches new range of speakers, headphones

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Sony unveiled their new wireless audio line-up in India on Monday. The new products extend the company’s Extra Bass line of speakers and headphones. The company, with its repertoire of new products, aims to focus on wireless audio in 2018.

The new range of headphones include six new models — WI-C300, WH-CH400, WH-CH500, WI-SP500, WI-SP600N, and WF-SP700N. All the new headphones support Google Assistant/Siri, feature NFC and have have Bluetooth connectivity. 

Sony WF-SP700N

Sony WF-SP700N

The key product is the WF-SP700N, Sony’s truly wireless digital noise cancelling headphones. The SP700N is touted as world’s first splash-proof wireless headphone with noise cancellation. The headphone has an Apple AirPod like charging case that offers six hours of battery life alongside three hours from the headphone.

In the same series, there is the WI-SP600N and the SP500, which have a neckband design with an inbuilt microphone. The SP600N comprises of noise cancelation, IPX4 certification for waterproofing, and six hours of claimed battery life. The cheaper SP500 claims to offer eight hours of battery.

The WH-CH400 and WH-CH500 have on-ear and over-the-ear designs respectively. Both the headphones offer up to 20 hours of backup while the WH-CH300 with a neckband design promises eight hours of battery life.

The company had released three new speakers alongside the new headphones— SRS-XB21, XB31 and XB41. 

All the models have Bluetooth, NFC connectivity and and have a dust and water resistant body. They feature newly introduced line lights, strobe lights (not on XB21) and speakers lights (on XB41) to add colours to the party. With the lights off, the XB31, and XB41 promise to offer 24 hours of battery, whereas the XB21 claims to deliver 12 hours of battery backup. 

The most impressive feature is the Wireless Party Chain, which enables users to connect up to 100 such speakers to each other, with synchronised music and lights. 

Price and availability

And now, the prices. In the top range, the WF-SP700N costs Rs 12,990, the WI-SP600N will set you back by Rs 9,990 and the WI-SP500 costs Rs 4,990. 

In the affordable range, the WH-CH300 is priced at Rs 2,990, the WH-CH500 is priced at Rs 4,990 and the WH-CH400 is priced at Rs 3,790. 

The Sony WI-SP500, WI-C300 and WH-CH400 in the headphone range will be available from 17 April across Sony stores. The three headphone models will be available from 15 May.

The wireless speaker range starts at Rs 13,990 for the SRS-XB41, Rs 9,990 for the XB31 and Rs 7,990 for the XB21. All the speakers launched will be available from 17 April.

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