Sony PlayStation 5 India restock apparently postponed again, Indian gamers furious

Sony PS5
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The way Sony India has gone about with the launch of the PS5 has been less than desirable from gamers' perspective. Sony announced a pre-order of its newest console two months after the official global launch date in India. And after the initial round of pre-orders the company has not brought any restocks officially to India. 

As the rumors stood, the company was set to bring PS5 restocks in India at the end of March. But according to this IGN India report (opens in new tab), Bengaluru-based store Prepaidgamercard has informed that the restock date has now been moved to April. 

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This is in direct conflict of the news from Croma and Sony Centers which informed people that the restocks would happen in March. Previous reports had claimed that the restocks are delayed and would apparently be set for the second week of April. 

But like most, we recommend that the users do not take this news as confirmed information, and this is based on Sony's attitude towards its India consumers. And this confusion is fueled on by the fact that Sony has maintained a steely silence when it comes to PS5 in India. Sony PlayStation India boss Prosenjit Ghosh's comment in 2020 (opens in new tab)made it clear that the company is focusing on the PS4 and not the PS5. 

Potential buyers of the PS5 and gamers are quite naturally enraged by this blatant disregard for them. Considering that the US and other territories are getting regular restocks and even Xbox Series X has received multiple restocks since it had a timely launch in India, the situation with the PS5 is even more of an eyesore. 

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Sony has claimed that the market share of its consoles in India is the biggest and yet it manages to ignore the restocks of its newest console. And it's not like there isn't a demand for the console in India, and in fact the Indian gaming community has been vociferously asking for restocks.

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