Skype 6 arrives for Windows and Mac

Improved social support for Skype 6

A new version of Skype was released Wednesday for both Windows and Mac OSX.

The desktop client for the telecommunication software includes a few new upgrades for both operating systems, as well as individual adjustments for Microsoft and Apple desktops.

Windows gets the bulk of the updates, even though a separate Skype client is planned for Windows 8, but Mac users will find some welcome improvements nonetheless.

Skype gets social

The key new feature both versions of Skype will see is the ability to sign up using either a Facebook or Microsoft account.

No longer will users have to create a separate Skype account just to use the service, which should make it even easier to start using the service and start connecting.

Skype will also integrate with Windows Live Messenger, Outlook and Hotmail to provide a one-stop location where users can instant message with any contacts.

There's also promise of the ability to make audio and video calls directly through Windows Live Messenger. However, that feature is still a few weeks away.

More languages, Retina support

The Windows client will also play host to improvements such as a new user interface and improved telemetry.

Six more languages - Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan and Slovak - are now included in the Windows version as well, bringing the total tongue count to 38.

On the Mac, Skype will finally support the Retina display, which is a huge addition considering Apple just announced a Retina version of its most popular laptop, the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Users will also be able to have multiple chat windows open at one time on the Mac, which is a welcome addition according to Skype's feedback.

It should be noted there is already an issue with Mountain Lion's compatibility where the image picker doesn't work properly, but that shouldn't stop any user from making calls or engaging in chats.

Via Skype