Google Drive for Android, iOS update details leak

Google Drive
New update coming to iOS and Android version of Google Drive app

Google accidentally revealed the details of the next update to their Google Drive app for both Android and iOS devices.

The update, set to arrive in the next few days, was mistakenly leaked, and the page with all the details was quickly taken down.

Fortunately, TechCrunch was able to gather all the pertinent information before Google rectified their premature revelation.

iOS getting in-app editing

Right now, the only way to edit anything in a Google Docs file within the iOS version is to make the changes in Safari.

When the update arrives, users will finally be able to make changes in the app itself.

Additionally, the iPhone Drive app will allow you to use Google Presentations.

Android adding document comments

Though not all of the features coming to both versions were revealed, a few tidbits about the Android update were listed.

Chief among them was the ability to comment on documents, as well as being able to view, present, and comment on presentations.

Android users will also be able to create folders, and move documents and files from folder to folder.

Google revealed they'll will share more on the Drive mobile app soon, so it shouldn't be too long before these updates make their way to your devices.

Via TechCrunch