10 top iPad and iPhone apps for throwing a kick ass party

The secret to its success is in its complete coverage of everything that brides and grooms (and their families and friends) need to keep track of before the big day - such as: who's catering the event? DJ or band? Which dress shop and florist to opt for?

Mercifully, you can keep on top of all these tasks and, along with that, you can use WeddingHappy to see where you are along the way: how many tasks have been completed and how many are yet to do, when they should be done, and who's involved. 'Achievements' even help you keep track of major milestones, such as finalising a wedding date or delegating a task to someone else by email. It's free, but paying £1.99 will let you track as many tasks as you want.

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6. Phoster


Make and post beautiful looking digital posters to advertise your party

Price: £1.49 / $1.99 USD
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Planning your party and getting all the goods together are important, but you also have to get the word out. Bucket Labs' Phoster helps you do exactly that using exquisite typography and lots of customisation options.

First, you select one of 87 free templates; there's a handful of holiday-specific templates for Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's and Halloween, along with a wedding template. But most of the options are flexible enough to be used for almost any occasion that might arise.

You can add images from your photo library and adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, and input your own text into fields and customise it with colours and font sizes. You can also add filters or add some custom patterning. It's even possible to output it to other apps if you'd like to make additional changes.

Phoster includes the ability to print (if you have AirPrint-compatible devices on your network) or you can email or use Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or Instagram to share your images with the world.

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7. Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide

Holiday Recipes

An ebook app with plenty of recipe ideas for your next gathering

Price: £2.99 / $4.99 USD
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Coming up with recipes that truly impress your guests can be tricky, and there's only so much to be gleaned from the average cooking show on television. Food52's Holiday Recipes & Party Planning Guide offers suggestions for how to really dress up your next dinner party with 127 exquisite recipes, from snacks and starters to desserts, with drinks, breads, soups and everything in between.

A dedicated section offers suggestions if holiday planning's on your mind: everything from making a romantic Valentine's Day meal for two to celebrating Easter with the entire family (the guide offers a somewhat US-centric holiday list - including Thanksgiving and Independence Day, for example - and all measurements are in standard units). The recipes themselves are accompanied by lush photography and video.

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8. Kara's Party Ideas

Family and kids' party ideas galore from a party-planning queen

Price: £1.49 / $1.99 USD
Works with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

If you're a busy parent, it can be exhausting to try to put together a fun party for your little ones. Finding the right time around other busy schedules is bad enough, but what happens if you can't come up with an imaginative theme? This app is based on (and linked to) a popular website by Kara Allen, who's also published a book on the topic to share her party ideas to the masses.

The app is full of great ideas to dress up any party, though the focus here is mainly on family parties, especially ones for younger kids. The app breaks down parties by category - boy, girl, western, princesses and so on. There are a few 'grown up' categories as well - sports, beach and teen bridal shower, to name a few.