Sneaker X looks like a sneaker but plays like a gaming PC

a sneaker shaped PC and a long purple and black PC
(Image credit: Future)

Cooler Master revealed two new gaming PCs, the aptly-named Cooling X and Sneaker X, and yes the latter is designed exactly how you think it is.

Sneaker X was designed by JMDF and based on the iconic sneaker, which might especially appeal to sneakerheads. It’s able to accommodate standard components like ITX form factor motherboards, SFX PSUs, and 3-slot GPUs. But what makes this PC so special is the advanced cooling system it uses, which includes liquid cooling. This allows it to stay cool while keeping its small form factor. It also supports up to 64GB of memory.

The PC manufacturer also released Cooling X, which has a sleek form factor that can fit on most desk setups and also features a similar advanced cooling system.

Both the Cooling X and the Sneaker X are luxury gaming PCs that will support current-gen specs, which gives them both a rather steep price point. Sneaker X will retail for $5,999 in the US and release in early July, while the Cooling X will retail for $6,999 and release at the end of June.

I want more sneaker PCs

I’ve previously lamented about the dreaded ‘PC aesthetic,’ which has plagued even the best gaming PCs, laptops, and accessories since at least the mid-2000s. It’s incredibly rare to find any of the aforementioned with colorful palettes and unique designs, since the vast majority of them are rocking the same black color and green highlights.

Enter the Cooling X and especially the Sneaker X, two gaming PCs with very distinctive looks. The former has a sleek and small form factor highlighted in that gorgeous Cooler Master purple hue that stands out well. 

But the true stunner is the latter, which is literally shaped like a red sneaker and yet is still a completely functional PC. I’m honestly amazed at the design of Sneaker X, at the vision of creating this concept and the technological prowess needed to actually build it and make it a functional PC that can handle the best graphics cards and processors from the current generation while sporting a well-balanced ventilation system. Not to mention the aesthetics alone are nearly worth the price of entry, as it makes a truly stunning set piece whether you place it at your work desk or display in the center of your living room. 

This might be a long shot, but I sincerely hope other PC manufacturers take note and put out more risk-taking and interesting concepts. We need to see more sneaker PCs and less giant black boxes.

Allisa James
Computing Staff Writer

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