Sky Q will be available without a satellite dish from 2018


Sky has today announced that, as of some point in 2018, its premium Sky Q TV service will become available to customers without the need to install a satellite dish first.

The new Sky Q option will provide all of its content over a broadband connection instead, further highlighting both Sky Q's web-connected smarts, and the changing nature of TV viewing habits. If ever there was a sign that we're moving away from cable TV to a streaming-only world, this is probably it, with the Sky Q hardware following in the footsteps of Sky's Now TV box.

It's a particularly interesting move given the UK housing market. With an increasingly large portion of the population renting, getting permission for the installation of a satellite dish from a landlord can be difficult, while short-term tenancies sometimes make an installation more hassle than it's worth. A broadband-only service will be far more flexible and mobile in this regard - though don't be surprised if it's Sky Broadband customers who first (perhaps even exclusively) get access to this service.

Sky's the limit

In addition, Sky has also announced that it's launching a new My Sky app. This will let customers check their bills and broadband speed, and get customer services support, along with offering how-to videos and articles.

Sky Q is now in 600,000 UK homes, with Sky claiming its users watch 10% more TV compared to those using their last-generation Sky+ boxes. 

We're still waiting on the launch of the Sky Q voice search feature however, which was teased when the box was first announced at the end of 2015. It's now set to launch some time this year.

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