Sky Broadband Boost: what is it and is it worth investing in?

Sky broadband boost
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Sky Broadband Boost represents an attempt to fix one of the biggest issues we face with broadband deals - poor connection. If you've signed up to Sky or are thinking about joining the family, the add on of Boost could be an investment well worth making.

While the primary focus of this additional feature is to increase the reliability of your connection, Sky has included quite a few points of interest including data Boosts and money back when you're connection goes awry.

Obviously, this all sounds great and an obvious decision, right? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. Sky's Boost is one of the many add-ons Sky offers and like the rest, it will add an additional monthly cost to your bill.

Considering Sky broadband deals don't exactly come cheap compared to the competition, a proper consideration as to whether the additional cost is worth your time is crucial.

What is Sky Broadband Boost and how expensive is it?

So you've decided on your Sky broadband plan or even broadband and TV deals and you're on to the add-ons. If you choose to include Sky Broadband Boost in your package, it will currently cost you £5 a month extra.

In the world of fibre broadband deals, that is a pretty substantial amount of cash, especially considering Sky's higher than average costs. So what do you get with the Boost?

The key Sky Broadband Boost features are:

  • Wi-Fi guarantee: If your speeds drop below 3Mb, Sky will  give you money back. This includes a drop in any room in your home.
  • Router upgrade: If you're an existing customer and don't currently have Sky's latest router, it will send you a new one.
  • Data boost: If you're a Sky Mobile customer and your broadband drops out, Sky will give you an additional 2GB of data.
  • Engineer visits: Boost entitles you to free of cost engineer visits on weekends and in the evenings 
  • Sky Broadband Buddy app: Have kids? Sky will give you access to an app to control their screen time and pause access to certain shows, channels and the internet.
  • Daily speed checks: Sky will check your speeds every day and notify you if they need to fix it.

Sky broadband boost

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Is Sky Broadband Boost worth going for?

As an add-on, this doesn't feel like Sky's best value. While it does offer a number of features, many of them you will rarely or maybe even never have to use.

While the boost in data and money back for low speeds or drop outs is a nice thing to have, it is unlikely to happen during your contract or if it does, you'll see it happen once or twice. The data boost is also irrelevant for non-Sky phone customers.

New customers get no benefit from a router upgrade and even existing customers are unlikely to be far behind, making an upgrade a nice but slightly irrelevant idea.

For parents, the Sky Broadband Buddy App could be a welcome feature, especially with the amount of different settings and options it offers.

Throw in the free anytime engineer visits and the daily speed checks and Sky Broadband Boost is mainly about removing any worries you might have. You're really paying an additional £5 to know that if anything goes wrong, Sky will have you back on track, fast.

Like the reassurance of knowing your speeds are monitored and will be fixed any time? Boost will be worth your time. Otherwise, Sky Broadband is excellent without needing this additional cost.

Which Sky broadband packages can I add this to?

This add-on is available across all of Sky's packages. That includes Sky Broadband Essential, Sky Broadband Superfast or Sky Broadband Ultrafast 1. It is also widely available with plans where you've included TV as well.

Below we've compiled all of the best Sky broadband deals so you can find the best one for you if you haven't committed to a package yet.

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