Skagen Holst hybrid is made for those who don't like to wear watches

Skagen has debuted a new watch at Baselworld 2018 in the form of the Holst, a new hybrid (blending the look of analog with the smarts of a fitness tracker) that seems to be designed for those who don't like the weight of a hearty watch on their wrist.

Joining Skagen's line up of hybrid smartwatches alongside the Hald Hybrid Mini and Signatur T-Bar range, the Holst is one of the thinnest hybrid watches we've tried on and it's remarkably light, too.

Skagen has yet to share all the specs for the size of the watch (we do know the lugs are 20mm and the case size is 40mm, so again it's small) and that means we can't quote any exact numbers, but you can trust us as we've seen one in the flesh.

Weak wrists?

The Skagen Holst comes in two variants. One has a chain metal strap and a black watch face, while the other has a dark blue face with a brown leather strap. The first is made of titanium with a brushed metal effect while the second is stainless steel and is polished.

As it's Skagen, these watches have really minimalist designs so you shouldn't expect to be bombarded with information all of the time, but if you open up the app on your phone you'll have fitness stats like your step count. 

The only complication on the watch itself is a little step counter in the bottom left of the round watch face.

We don't have an exact release date for the Skagen Holst yet, but it's set to join the company's summer line up so it shouldn't be too long to wait if you think this watch may be designed for you.

Pricing wise we know both variants are set to be quite affordable - the metal version is $195 in the US (about £140, AU$250) while the leather strap Holst is set to cost $175 (about £125, AU$230).

James Peckham

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