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Sick of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game-breaking bugs? New patch could offer fix

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(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s first major update has arrived, and includes significant bug fixes and performance improvements across all platforms.

Ubisoft revealed the update – released December 15 at 1pm CET – would patch progress-halting issues with quest objectives, smoothen graphical performance and aim to balance combat.

For example, players have reported frequent problems with frozen NPCs, glitchy boss battles and characters not appearing in the right places – often restricting the completion of mission objectives and limiting story progress.

‘A Cruel Destiny’ and ‘A Sword-Shower in Anacastre’ were two early missions which found themselves subject to common bugs. In both instances, key characters refused to proceed to trigger positions, restricting the progression of their respective missions.

In some cases, players have also encountered issues with a vision-impairing HUD bug. When engaging with a world event, Eivor experiences a debilitating episode which is rendered permanent for some players due to a glitch.

Reports have detailed permanent pitch-black HUD screens with only icons and markers visible, a bug fixed only by the player loading an earlier save or fast-travelling elsewhere. Ubisoft’s latest update is set to fix the issue.

A very Viking Christmas

In addition to bug fixes, this new update will introduce a time-limited Yule Festival and support additions to the Settlement expansion. Kicking off December 21, the in-game festival will see the arrival of seasonal revellers just east of the current settlement, bringing new challenges and rewards to obtain. Ubisoft is set to reveal more details about the expansion in the upcoming Yule Season Preview.

The update also includes fixes to several smaller, quirkier issues. Weapon stats will now be displayed correctly – including those of Doppelhander, supposedly the best piece of gear in the game – and more loot chests will spawn for players in the endgame. Another frustrating quirk, which saw oil jars explode in the hands of less-careful players, has been patched.

All in all, Ubisoft’s first major title update looks set to ensure Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s large open world – “overwhelmingly” so, according to our review – can be enjoyed without frozen villagers, exploding jars and bouts of permanent darkness.

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