Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics is now out for Linux and Mac

There’s some good news for those who fancy enjoying some retro gaming classics on their Linux PC or Mac, because Sega has made its Mega Drive and Genesis Classics available for those platforms on Steam.

The game has been available for Windows machines for some time, but today, the compilation has come to Linux and Mac, complete with a major update that throws a whole load of new features into the mix.

And a price reduction to boot: Mega Drive and Genesis Classics can now be yours for $29.99 or £24.99 (around AU$45).

What do you get for the money? Over 50 games are included, with a number of Ecco the Dolphin outings, and titles from the Golden Axe, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage, and ToeJam & Earl franchises, along with a load of Sonic games, naturally.

Multiplayer mayhem

As for the aforementioned new features that have arrived, those include support for VR headsets, and a new two-player online multiplayer mode. You can even play a bit of single player while you wait for Sega’s matchmaking magic to happen and pair you with an opponent (assuming you don’t want to compete against a friend, that is – obviously that can happen without delay).

Want more goodies? Challenge Modes have also been introduced, which are, as the name would suggest, short challenges to put a new spin on some old games.

There are leaderboards, as well, for those who like competition, but not of the direct variety, along with fresh graphics filters and options for different borders. Oh, and also the ability to fast-forward or rewind the action, and a ‘mirror mode’ that reverses everything on the screen, again for some extra variety and a different challenge to the standard game.

It’s a pretty nifty package, then, and it’s good to see it arrive on non-Windows platforms, with the price reduction being so much gaming gravy on top.

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