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Seagate gets back into the flash storage game with BarraCuda SSDs

Seagate BarraCuda SSD

Seagate arguably got back into the SSD game earlier than Western Digital, but the storage company worked primarily in the enterprise space – but finally at long last it's introducing a BarraCuda SSD for PC enthusiasts.

Before you get too excited, know that the BarraCuda SSD is only a SATA III drive, so it won’t be pushing the fastest speeds of NVMe drives like the WD Black NVMe SSD or Samsung 970 Evo. With that out of the way, the drives come in large capacities ranging between 250GB to 2TB.

It also almost saturates the bandwidth of the SATA 6GB/s interface with a sequential read speed of 540MB/s and 520MB/s sequential writes.

These SSDs also won’t put a huge dent in your wallet as the 250GB model goes for $74 (about £60, AU$100) to start. From there it’s $119 (about £90, AU$160) for the 500GB and $229 (about £170, AU$310) for a 1TB version. With the exception of the 2TB version, all of the Seagate BarraCuda SSDs are available for purchase today from Amazon.

Seagate originally announced that the BarraCuda SSDs would be exclusively available starting on Prime Day 2020, and while that no longer seems to be the case, you can bet there will be great deals on July 16 and 17.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is the Hardware and Roundups Editor at IGN Entertainment. Prior to IGN Entertainment, he worked at TechRadar.