Save £179 off one of the world's toughest GPS running watches in the Wiggle sale

Suunto 9 deal
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The Suunto 9 multisport watch is £269.99 in Wiggle's early Black Friday sale, a huge reduction from its listing price of £449, and £119 less than its current price on Amazon.

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When we reviewed the Suunto 9, our main criticism was its steep price, but this steep discount makes it much easier to recommend. This is a seriously tough watch with impressive battery life that allows you to go days between charges, and an array of training tools that allow you to customize it to suit your exact needs. Running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, hiking and many more activities are catered for, with a total of 80 different sport modes to choose from.

Suunto 9 |£449£269.99 at Wiggle

Suunto 9 | £449 £269.99 at Wiggle
This tough multi-sports watch has taken a serious price cut in Wiggle's early Black Friday sale. The Suunto 9 is hugely adaptable, and whatever type of activity you're into (running, cycling, climbing, swimming, hiking) you can customize the watch to suit your exact needs. You can even tailor its power usage, for a maximum of 120 hours of activity tracking.

We put the Suunto 9 to the test in a 100km multi-stage ultramarathon, taking it off charge at 5.30am on a Friday, running two five-hour 50kms over a weekend and two midweek hour-long runs, all on Performance mode, and the battery finally ran dry the following Friday morning. You'll sacrifice a little GPS accuracy compared to one of the more power-hungry modes, but the difference is surprisingly minimal.

You won't find contactless payments and music here (the Suunto 9 is built purely for sports) but you do get sleep tracking, and you can receive smartphone notifications while you're working out.

If you're in the market for a rugged sports watch that will give you years of service, the Suunto 9 is a great choice – particularly at this price.

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