Samsung’s brighter QLED TV range will launch in Australia next month

Recently unveiled at CES 2017, Samsung’s brighter, smarter QLED TV range is set to arrive in a variety of Australian retail outlets on April 17. 

With its quantum dot technology boasting exceptional image detail and 100 percent colour volume, Samsung’s QLED range is also capable of unprecedented brightness – its Q7 and Q8 panels can generate a peak luminance of 1500 nits, while its flagship Q9 range can generate a whopping 2000 nits without impacting colour accuracy.

Along with these enhancements in brightness and image quality, Samsung’s Q series also promises a better, more intuitive smart TV interface.

Can’t take my eyes off of Q

Improved Google Play integration means that users will be able to scroll through popular offerings without pausing what they’re watching, and many apps will autoplay content, making it possible to channel surf through different sources. Gamers will also be pleased to know that the TVs will also feature inbuilt Steam Link functionality.

The interface will also have auto-detection functionality which will automatically identify and label inputs for you, and users can use Samsung’s ‘Smart View’ app to browse and control the TVs via a compatible smartphone. 

In terms of design, Samsung has opted to keep things minimalistic, with a new ‘clear connection’ cable solution that keeps things tidy behind the set, especially when used in conjunction with its new ‘no-gap’ wall-mount, which will be sold separately.

The Q8 model from behind

The Q8 model from behind

Tell 'em the price, son

The Samsung flat Q9 series will be available in a 65-inch model for $9,499, 75-inch model for $14,999 and an 88-inch model for the somewhat staggering price of $39,999. 

More affordable is Samsung’s flat Q7 range, which will be available in 55-inch at $4,499, 65-inch at $6,499 and 75-inch at $10,999.

And finally, the curved Q8 range will set you back $5,499 for the 55-inch, $7,499 for the 65-inch and $12,499 for the 75-inch.

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