Samsung's 98-inch 8K TV gets a $30,000 price cut – and you still can't afford it

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Even the super-rich love a bargain, but the numbers – in terms of both the price and specs – for this massive 8K Samsung are enough to make the mind boggle.

In TV land, the higher the numbers, the higher the price, so naturally, the Samsung Q900R, with its 98-inch screen size and 8K resolution, was always going to have a hefty price tag – but $100,000 (close to £80,000 or AU$145,000) was going to make even the millionaires of this world blush.

Thankfully – even if you consider the cost of a house deposit to be petty cash – you'll be pleased to hear that the 98-inch Q900R is getting a discount of $30,000, bringing it down to an 'affordable' $69,000 (circa £55,000 / AU$100,000).

Pricing wars

That brings the price of Samsung's top-of-the-line TV in line with that of its rival from Sony – its 98-inch Sony Master Series Z9G 8K TV costs $69,700 (around £55,000 / AU$100,000).

Still expensive, but closer to the realms of affordability for home cinema fans, are Samsung's smaller 8K TVs, with 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch (US-only), and 85-inch models available. That 85-inch screen is still a gigantic display for most homes, but it's a fraction of the cost of the 98-inch model at $14,999 / £14,000 (about AU$21,500).

Is it worth all that money then? Well, in our opinion no TV is worth $100k, but its quality is absolutely undeniable. In our full Samsung Q900R review, we said:

"It’s easy to be cynical about Samsung's 8K TV. With precious little native 8K content currently available or due any time soon (outside of Japan, anyway), surely an 8K TV can’t be worth buying now, right? Wrong, actually. For while the 85Q900R is indeed at its barnstorming best with native 8K images, it also sets new standards with the lower-resolution images we’re already watching…"

So start saving those pennies... 

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