Samsung lets you reserve a Galaxy Note 10 before it's even launched

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Step right up and reserve your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 today: the phonemaker launched a web page to let eager fans reserve one of the flagship devices, which will be released on August 7.

Best of all, if you reserve a phone, you’ll get a $50 cash credit, but only if you buy an accessory while fulfilling the purchase of your new Note 10.  (Sadly, it seems like this deal is only live in the US, at least for now.)  

Keep in mind that you'll only be able to reserve your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from now until August 7. To do so, just sign in with your Samsung account, choose your carrier (or unlocked), and click ‘reserve.’ Poof, an email will be sent to your account-linked address notifying you that a device has been reserved for you.

(It doesn’t say which device, mind you, so it seems Samsung is still keeping mum about the Note 10 Plus despite seemingly confirming the higher-end phone itself.)

And, in typical fashion, you have the option to trade in your current device (or one up to the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6S, or original Google Pixel) for money off the still-unannounced list price of the Note 10. Sadly, you won’t know how much you’ll save - Samsung isn’t revealing any trade-in values until August 7 - though it might be as much as $600 off, according to XDA Developers.

Reserve like you may have reserved before

Samsung previously opened device reservations for the Samsung Galaxy S10 two weeks before its March launch date, which apparently was such a hit they repeated the move for the Note 10 release. 

The reservation even offered the same $50 accessory credit, though the company openly shared trade-in values for that release, offering to save owners up to $550 if they traded in the latest iPhone XS or Google Pixel 3.

Samsung also revealed when reservers would get their Galaxy S10 - by March 8, the phone’s official launch date. Unfortunately, they’re being coy this time around, refusing to state when folks will get their Note 10 should they reserve it ahead of time. 

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