Samsung Galaxy Watch may come with Bixby


Samsung's Bixby voice assistant has been on the company's high-end smartphones since the launch of the Galaxy S8, but this year may mark its debut on Samsung's smartwatches.

According to SamMobile, the voice assistant will be on whatever Samsung calls its upcoming smartwatch. It's currently unclear if the device will be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch or Gear S4.

Previous Samsung wearable devices like the Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Sport have come with the company's S Voice technology for voice interactions with the watch, but this time the newer and more accomplished Bixby may be there instead.

Bixby works faster, understands more phrases and is much better at understanding natural language.

A new way to use your watch

Unlike on Samsung's new flagship phones, the report says there won't be a dedicated hardware button to boot up the virtual assistant. Instead you'll use the home button, so we can assume a long press on that will boot up Bixby.

On Samsung phones you can also say "Hi Bixby" to boot up the app, so you may also be able to do that on the Samsung Galaxy Watch in order to interact with the voice assistant.

We don't currently know if the company will be including a more limited version of the Bixby software or if this will do everything the assistant can do on your phone. 

The new smartwatch is rumored to be launching at the end of August at IFA 2018, where we'll likely also see the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and perhaps even the Samsung Gear Fit 3.