Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic could be on the way, putting form over fitness

Galaxy Watch 3
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (Image credit: Srivatsa Ramesh)

There’s been a lot of confusion around the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 lately, with recent leaks suggesting that the sporty wearable we thought would be the Active 4 would actually launch as the Galaxy Watch 4. So where does that leave the more stylish, non-active variant? It now looks like that’s coming too, under the name Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

At least, that’s certainly what a new listing on the website for NBTC (Thailand’s certification authority), spotted by XDA Developers, suggests.

The listing includes three models, one of which has the model number SM-R875F and goes by Galaxy Watch 4 there, while the other two (with model numbers SM-R885F and SM-R895F) are listed as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

What difference does a name change make?

So based on this we can assume that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will have a sporty silicone strap, as leaked images have shown, allowing it to basically be the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 in all but name. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic then will probably be more what we were originally expecting from the Watch 4, with a more classic watch design.

This would certainly make sense of the situation, and we suggested similar previously, but what’s not clear is how deep the differences between these two wearables will go.

We’d fully expect a different strap on the Classic, likely leather or metal, but will the design and features of the watch differ too? In previous years, the Galaxy Watch has had a rotating bezel, while the Galaxy Watch Active has lacked this, opting for a more compact design instead.

Given that the two wearables now seem to have a more similar name (assuming this listing is accurate) and given also that we haven’t seen any leaked images showing an upcoming Galaxy Watch with a rotating bezel, we’d guess that this might have been ditched, and that the two watches will be far more similar than in previous years.

We can’t be certain though, and won’t be until Samsung unveils the wearable(s), something that we’re expecting it to do in August.

Via GSMArena

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