Samsung Galaxy S10 could have smaller bezels and a 19:9 aspect ratio

We've heard that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to see significant design changes, and now we have an idea of what one of those changes might be, as an early benchmark suggests the Galaxy S10 could have smaller bezels than the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Spotted by MobielKopen, the HTML5Test benchmark is for a phone dubbed the SM-G405F, and the resolution is listed as 412 x 869. Now, that’s obviously not the full resolution, and that's because the benchmarks are carried out using only a portion of the screen – as MobielKopen notes, the Galaxy S9 has appeared in the same benchmark with the resolution listed as 412 x 846.

To get the full resolution of the S9 you multiply it by roughly 3.5 times, and doing the same with this new phone gives us a resolution of 1440 x 3040, up from 1440 x 2960 on the Galaxy S9.

So that would make this phone marginally higher-resolution, but more importantly that resolution would equate to a 19:9 aspect ratio, rather than the 18.5:9 aspect ratio on the Galaxy S9. That would mean the Samsung Galaxy S10 – or whatever this is – has a longer screen than the S9.

This could be an early Galaxy S10 benchmark. Credit: HTML5Test

This could be an early Galaxy S10 benchmark. Credit: HTML5Test

A bigger screen in the same size body

Now, Samsung could simply make the phone bigger to achieve that, but a more elegant solution would be to slim down the top and bottom bezels, giving the phone a bigger screen in the same size body. A notch is also a possibility, but probably unlikely given that Samsung has so far shied away from notches.

It’s worth taking this with a huge side of salt, especially as the model number doesn’t actually line up with past Galaxy S handsets, but, as SamMobile notes, Samsung has a history of testing its flagships with fake model numbers.

Add to that the fact that this is a new aspect ratio for the company and a seemingly high resolution, and that the phone listed as running Android 9 Pie, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 becomes a likely possibility.

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