Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy A series triple-lens camera specs leaked

It’s been whispered for a while that the Samsung Galaxy S10 might have a triple-lens camera, but now we know the possible specs of it.

According to sources in the parts industry, speaking to ETNews, two models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a 12MP wide-angle lens, a 16MP super wide-angle lens and a 13MP telephoto lens, though they don’t mention the apertures or say whether one of the lenses will have a variable aperture, like it does on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other recent Samsung flagships.

A third, more basic model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is also thought to be in the works and this one is said to only have two rear cameras. The sources don’t say what two lenses, but we’d guess it will lack the super-wide one mentioned above.

From flagships down

It’s not just flagships from Samsung that might be getting three rear cameras though, as the sources also claim that new models in Samsung’s Galaxy A series will get three lenses. They won’t use the same lenses though, with a combination of a 32MP, 8MP and 5MP lens rumored.

Apparently Samsung might put triple-lens cameras on everything from flagships down to entry-level handsets in 2019, and it’s thought that a new Galaxy A model will be the first to sport them, rather than the Samsung Galaxy S10, with the former likely to be announced in December 2018 or January, and the latter in February.

Triple-lens cameras could be a big thing in general for smartphones next year though, not just for Samsung, as the LG V40 is also rumored to have at least that many, as is Apple’s 2019 iPhone. And of course we’re sure Huawei will stick with at least three rear cameras for some of its phones.

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